The Urban Learning Internship Program (TULIP) envisions to create synergies between advancing functional skills in students and harnessing their energy and ideas to co-create solutions for the future of our cities. TULIP is a program for providing internship opportunities to fresh graduates in all Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) and Smart Cities across the country.

TULIP: Objective

  • To provide a platform for short-term exposure to fresh graduates to enhance their professional development through experiential learning with ULBs and smart cities.
  • To provide a platform for harnessing fresh energy and ideas towards ULBs and smart cities endeavours to solve critical challenges.

TULIP: Implementation

The TULIP program isg implemented through a partnership between Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) and AICTE. At the State level, TULIP will be supported by the Urban Development departments in providing a clear roadmap for the ULBs/smart cities to adopt TULIP in their respective organisations.

TULIP: Eligibility

  • Open only to Indian citizens.
  • Not more than 18 months should have passed from the date of declaration of final year results to the date from which the internship is sought.

TULIP: Duration

The duration of the internship will be from a minimum of 8 weeks upto 1year.

TULIP: How to Apply

  • Applications for internship will be accepted through the portal only. Online application can be done through TULIP platform at
  • Application must contain a recommendation from the competent authority of the concerned academic institution where the candidate has pursued her/his studies.
  • Applicant is required to submit a synopsis on urban issues in along with his/her application.

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