The Central Government has started Stree Swabhiman Yojana. The scheme was inaugurated by Union Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad Ji during the CSC Women’s VLE (Village Level Entrepreneur) program. Under the Stree Swabhiman Yojana 2021, sanitary napkins will be provided to girls and women of the country to remain healthy during their menstrual cycle. Dear friends, today we will provide you with all the information related to this scheme, like the application process, eligibility etc., through this article.

Stree Swabhiman Yojana 2021

The government has launched Stree Swabhiman Yojana 2021 to provide good health and hygiene to girls and women in rural and urban areas of the country. Under this scheme, new pads provided by CSC are more environmentally friendly and much cheaper. So that more and more women and girls will be able to buy them at the lowest price. All the women of the country can avail the benefit of this women self-respect scheme through CSC.

False claim under the Stree Swabhiman Scheme

That under the Stree Swabhimaan Scheme, women have been started to provide a healthy life. Under Stree Swabhimaan Yojana, it is becoming viral that ? 124000 are being distributed in the bank accounts of the beneficiaries by the government. Let me tell you that this claim is fake. The government has released no such information. It has been reported by tweeting by PIB. If you have also heard such a thing, please ignore it.

Mahila Swabhiman Yojana 2021

As you know, girls cannot participate in any kind of cultural programs, sports during the time of the epidemic, and they have many problems during this time and women also have to do all the household work during the time of the epidemic. Due to which she cannot take care of her health, due to which many types of diseases surround her, the government has launched this Stree Swabhiman Yojana 2021. Empowering women and sanitary through this scheme Through napkin, women and girls can remain healthy and clean. Women will also be employed through this Women Self-respect Scheme 2021.

Stree Swabhiman Yojana Statistics

States and UT covered39
District covered693
Blocks covered3960
Number of beneficiaries5066271
  • This scheme will provide awareness to the rural girl students about menstruation to increase the use of sanitary napkins for the rural girl students.
  • Under the Stree Swabhimaan Scheme, sanitary napkins will be sold under the local brand name and marketed by VLE.
  • This scheme will provide a livelihood to about 35000 women.
  • In this scheme, women and girls will be provided awareness about menstruation to promote their hygiene
  • 750 to 1000 sanitary napkins will be produced daily under the Stree Swabhimaan Yojana.
  • In this scheme, free sanitary napkins will be provided to the school girls.
  • These sanitary napkins can also be obtained through the CSC centre.
  • CSC will provide ? 500 per year to VLE for one girl.
  • The number of beneficiaries will be verified through the school principal.
  • Sanitary pads will be distributed through village schools for about one thousand girls through Vle.

Stree Swabhiman Scheme State Wise Coverage

State namesSanitary napkin distribution
Andaman Nicobar Island3
Andhra Pradesh803
Arunachal Pradesh7
Dadra and Nagar Haveli2
Daman and Diu2
Himachal Pradesh132
Jammu and Kashmir148
Madhya Pradesh1440
Tamil nadu660
Uttar Pradesh4102
West Bengal1622

Benefits of Stree Swabhiman Scheme 2021

  • In this scheme, women in the country will be provided sanitary napkins by CSC at affordable rates, and girls will be provided free service.
  • The benefit of the Stree Swabhimaan Scheme 2021 will be provided to all the women and girls in urban and rural areas who have an epidemic every month.
  • In this scheme, women will also be employed to make sanitary napkins to become self-reliant.
  • Through this scheme, more and more women in rural areas will be benefited from the government.
  • Health-related information will also be provided to women under this scheme.

Documents Required for Stree Swabhiman Yojana 2021

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