National Family Benefit Scheme implemented by Ministry of Rural Development. he scheme aims to provide a lump sum family benefit of Rs 10,000/- to the bereaved households in case of the death of the primary breadwinner irrespective of the cause of death. The scheme is applicable to people in the age bracket of 18-64 years.

Government of India has decided to revise the eligibility age from 18-64 years to 18-59 years under the ongoing National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS) and also increase the lump sum grant under NFBS from Rs. 10000 to Rs. 20000.


  • Family living Below Poverty Line.
  • The age limit of the deceased should be 18-59 years death on or after 18.10.2012 & age limit of the deceased should be 18-64 yrs death before 18.10.2012
  • Resident of UT, Chandigarh for last three years.INTER-CASTE MARRIAGE The ‘primary breadwinner’ will be the member of the household- male or female- whose earning contribute substantially to the total household income.
  • The death of such a primary breadwinner should have occurred while he or she is in the age group of 18 to 59 years 1, more than 18 years of age and less than 60 years of age.
  • The bereaved household qualifies as one below the poverty line according to the criterion prescribed by the Government of India.
  • The Central Assistance under the scheme will be Rs. 20000/- in the case of death of the primary breadwinner.

Required documents:

Required documents are self attested photocopies of:

  • Death certificate of the primary bread winner.
  • Yellow Card (BPL) (Valid).
  • Residence proof (Voter Card, Ration Card)
  • Aadhar Card.
  • Bank account with IFC code and cancelled cheque.

Pattern of Assistance

Rs. 10,000/- will be provided on the death prior to 18.11.2012.
Rs. 20,000/- will be provided after the death on or after 18.11.2012.

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