Introduction of Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Government of India has put forward an initiative known as 

MCA 21 in the e-governance sector.

Objective of Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)

This aims to increase the convenience by enabling fully automated system for conducting procedures which are implied under the companies Act, 1956, New Companies Act 2013 and Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008.

Benefits of Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)

Through the implementation of MCA 21 application, the following benefits can be enjoyed: – 

– Convenient access of public documents and information.

– Quicker and convenient registration of a company and the five statutory documents can be done.

– Efficient grievance redressal.

– Everything works in accordance with law.

– Significant increase in the standard of the services provided.

Services provided by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)

  • Digital Signature Certificate: For security reasons, electronically signatured documents and important files are required for submission under the IT Act, 2000.

For more information:

  • Director Identification Number (DIN): – In accordance with the sections 266 A to 266 G of the companies Amendment Act, 2006, it is mandatory to obtain DIN within a specific period of time. 

For more information:

  • Visibility of LLP registration and other significant details of the company: – The public can view the details of a company as well as the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) registered firms. Follow the following steps: – 
  • Click on “View Company Master Data” to know the most important details of a company.
  • Click on “View Index of charges” for details regarding LLP’s.
  • Click on “View Signatory Details” for information about signatories of any firm/LLP.
  • Enables e- filing for Limited Liability Partnerships: – To carry out procedures for e-filing, the e-form can be downloaded and filled which later should be submitted for verification purposes. Use “Pre- Scrutiny button” for verification.
  • Other LLP services.
  • New company registration.
  • Grievance submission.
  • Services regarding documentation and payment proceedings of fees.
  • Services regarding Investments.

Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) 3.0

This version is more technically advanced and developed which enhances convenience and user-friendly form of conducting businesses. This involves: – 

  • E- Scrutiny: – A central scrutiny cell is setup by MCA through which Straight through Process (STP) forms are to be filled. This allows deep and strong inspection. 
  • E- adjudication: – The users will be able to conveniently and actively participate in hearings and the formal decision which is made by Roc (Registrar of companies) and RD (Regional director) will be provided digitally.
  • E- consultation: – An online platform through which procedures, suggestions and clarifications are structures is provided digitally.
  • CMS (Compliance Management system): – This system ensures that everything that happens through MCA is as per the rules and CMS is also given authorization for the issue of e-notices.
  • MCA Lab: – The working of CMS will be analyzed by the law experts in MCA Lab.

This new version will also have auto-bot help desk, user friendly dash boards, and UI/UX experience.

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