IGR Maharashtra is the Reviewer General of Enlistment and Regulator of Stamps workplace, which is answerable for enrolling records. 

It may be handily said that the Enlistment and Stamps Office of Maharashtra state is quite possibly the most carefully progressed offices in the country. The sole obligation of the workplace of the Auditor General of Enrollment and Regulator of Stamps is to enlist reports according to the Enrollment Act and gather income. To help the residents and convey benefits viably, the division depends on present-day innovation, enlisting and gathering records utilizing very much characterized techniques, inside a particular time span and in a straightforward way. 

Current Stamp Obligation in Maharashtra State 

Year 2021-22

No Expansion of Refund on the Stamp Obligation 

w.e.f first April 2021 Presently stamp obligation in Maharashtra is 5% 

w.e.f first April 2021 ONE PERCENT STAMP Obligation WAIVER FOR Ladies 

Ladies home purchasers can benefit from a concession of 1% on private property just and not for land, business, and mechanical properties. Allow us to see how a female can get a stamp obligation concession of one per cent on conditions 

If ladies want to buy the enduring property (private just) independently or with a co-proprietor (no one but female) can profit from the concession of 1% in stamp obligation.

The ladies can’t offer the said property to any male individual with a lock-in time of 15years from the date of procurement. On the off chance that ladies neglect to stand will be obligated to pay one per cent stamp obligation in addition to intrigue and punishment on it, from the date of procurement.

IGR Maharashtra: Property valuation

Residents can evaluate the stamp obligation sum for enlistment purposes through IGRS Maharashtra. For this reason, it is critical to realize the genuine market worth of the property. Each year, the division readies a Yearly Assertion of Rates (ASR), otherwise called prepared reckoner rates. This can be acquired from the sub-recorder office or web-based, utilizing the accompanying advances: 

Stage 1: Visit IGRS Maharashtra site (click here http://igrmaharashtra.gov.in/frmHOME.aspx) and snap on e-ASR >> Interaction under ‘Online Administrations’.

Stage 2: You will be diverted to another page where a guide will be shown. Snap the territory where your property is found.

IGR maharashtra main page

Stage 3: You will want to see the prepared reckoner paces of the space. 

All you need to know about IGR Maharashtra

IGR Maharashtra: Stamp obligation discount 

The Maharashtra Stamp Act, 1958, permits discount of stamps bought by residents if the reason for its utilization is dropped or if the stamp is harmed before its utilization or on the off chance that it is overpaid. 

To apply for a discount, the application must be submitted to the stamp gatherer from where the stamps have been bought, alongside the fundamental reports inside the endorsed time and arrangement. 

Reports needed for stamp obligation discount: 

  • Online data filling token. 
  • Document with a unique stamp. 
  • Affidavit of the individual if the stamp is bought by hand. 
  • The authorized letter or guaranteed duplicate of the force of lawyer if an approved individual is applying for the discount. 

On the off chance that the stamps were bought by franking: 

  • Invoice of the establishment stamp vendor, gathering stamp obligation to the public authority. 
  • Stamp deal authentication/portion of stamp deals register.

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IGR Maharashtra: How to figure stamp obligation 

Property purchasers can without much of a stretch compute stamp obligation on IGR Maharashtra entry by following these means: 

Stage 1: Visit IGR Maharashtra and snap on the Stamp Duty Calculator’ alternative under the ‘Online Administrations’ segment.

Stage 2: You will be diverted to another page to choose the kind of record that should be enrolled. 

IGR Maharashtra stamp duty

Stage 3: Select the ‘Deal deed’ alternative to enlist your property papers and afterwards select the purview from Metropolitan Company, Civil Committee, Cantonment and Gram Panchayat. 

Stamp Duty IGR Maharashtra
All you need to know about IGR Maharashtra

Stage 4: Enter the thought worth and market worth to get the stamp obligation sum showed on the screen. 

All you need to know about IGR Maharashtra

IGR Maharashtra: Index 1, 2, 3 and 4

IGR Maharashtra plans four sorts of lists, as per the kinds of archives being enlisted:

  • For relentless property, record 1 and List 2 are readied. 
  • Index 1 is set up as indicated by the underlying of the gatherings’ names in the archive. Index 2 is set up as indicated by the town name in the archive. 
  • Index 3 is ready for Wills. 
  • For versatile property, Record 4 is readied. 

IGR Maharashtra: What is Index II?

The Enlistment Division gives File II concentrate as an authoritative record of an archive or exchange recorded in the records of the enrolling authority, affirming that the exchange has been finished.

Record II contains the accompanying data: 

  • Type of archive: Deal Deed, understanding available to be purchased, Blessing Deed, Move, Home loan Deed, Trade of property and so forth 
  • Consideration measure of property
  • Detail of the property, like a metropolitan ward, zone and sub-zone with milestone, property portrayal, for example, CTS number, overview number, Hissa number, gat number, floor number, and so forth 
  • Built-up space of the property in sq meters
  • Nature of the property, like land, private unit (level/room/cabin), business unit (office/shop) and modern unit
  • Name of the gatherings: vendor(s) – vendee(s)/transferor(s) – transferee(s)/assignor(s) – assignee(s), and so forth 
  • Execution date
  • Registration chronic number
  • Stamp obligation sum
  • Registration expense

IGR Maharashtra: Most recent update 

In the furthest down the line move to try not to swarm at the property enlistment office, the state government has made it compulsory for the landowners to book an opening through e-Step-in on the IGR Maharashtra entrance at the sub-recorder office before continuing for the documentation. Around 30 spaces will be okay with booking in each SRO for property enrollment. 

Understand more: Maharashtra makes space booking obligatory for property enlistment.

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