No doubt that water is one of the precious resources on earth gifted by God. Water comes from finite resources like rivers, lakes, streams, and springs, all these need to be properly managed to prevent the shortage in near future. So, to conserve the water which is circulating in our cities and homes require some advanced and unique ways. 

Let’s take a look at several ways that allow you to conserve water and bring a multitude of benefits in your way. By following the below given simple and easy methods of conservation at home, anyone can take advantage of it,

  1. Take a Low-Flow Shower Head- If you’re the one who likes long showers, then significantly you need to reduce the amount of water while bathing. You can switch the showerhead to a low-flow, which in turn allows you to lather up in less water.
  2. Turn Off Faucets- We all have the habit of leaving the water running while washing hands, brushing teeth, shaving at the sink, and even when you’re not using it. So, to conserve water we need to leave all these habits by turning off the faucet while doing any of the tasks. In this way, you can save hundreds of gallons of water a month at home.
  3. Double Dip the Dishes- To wash the dishes, better you go with a dishwasher because it is more sustainable than handwashing. While washing dishes, make sure to run the dishwasher with a full load on the shortest cycle setting. You can fill one sink with hot, soapy water for washing dishes and the other sink with cool, clear water for rinsing.
  4. Check Toilet Leaks- No doubt that leaks can occur in various ways, but they can account to save a lot of wasted water over time. So, to check for toilet leaks, you can put a few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank. Before flushing, if the color begins to appear in the bowl, then there is a leak in it. Therefore, contact water suppliers to stop the water from being wasted for a long time, and you can upgrade it as well.
  5. Save Rain Water and Outside Water- The easiest way to conserve water is to store rainwater. To collect the rainwater, you can use a large tank or barrel-like container that can be further connected with the drainpipes and gutters to collect the runoff after every rain. So, once the system gets installed, the rainwater can be collected, stored, and be used for a variety of purposes.
  6. Optimize the Cooking Water- To save water while cooking, you can do it by steaming the veggies in a little amount of water. By steaming or boiling method for cooking, you can retain the natural nutrients of the veggies. You can also boil water for cooking rice or pasta and after draining, you can use that water to bulk up the sauces and soups. 
  7. Check Pipe Leaks- If you’re experiencing a huge spike in the water bill, then you need to check the pipe leaks both inside and outside of your house. So, repairing a pipe leak can save a lot of water as well as your money than you think. 
  8. Use Water-Saving Sprinkle- Nowadays, most people are using automatic or smart sprinkles to save water in the simplest form. With the help of sprinklers, you can set them for a particular time and can water your lawn. Apart from this, the sprinklers come with a rain sensor that won’t activate when it’s raining already. 
  9. Recycle Grey Water- Grey water generally refers to the water that runoff from your shower, bath, sinks, and washing machines. The surge tank keeps the flushed water briefly, and you can automatically move that water for a standard irrigation system. Furthermore, greywater can be used to water plants, flush the toilet, and water the yard.
  10. Run Shorter Washing Machine Cycles- You can run shorter washing machine cycles for clothes and can add a rinse cycle with cold water whenever possible. 

Therefore, all the above water-saving measures can show a great impact on conserving water for future purposes. So, protect the water in your local areas to enjoy its recreational benefits for life.


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