The E-court Services Portal mission mode project aims at a process through which all various district courts across the country will be observed and financed by the Department of Justice, Ministry of Law and Justice as well as the Indian Government

Objectives of E-Court Services Portal

General Objectives 

  • To deliver effective and efficient services to the citizens as prescribed in the E- court Litigant’s charter.
  • To introduce and implement an effective decision-making structure in all courts.
  • To improve clarity and convenience to access information through automation facility.
  • Improving productivity in terms of quality and quantity will lead to affordability, easy accessibility, and more clarity.

Specific Objectives

  • To bring the whole system under information and communication technology by putting together better electronic systems and facilities.
  • In all courts throughout the country, workflow management will be automated.
  • Records containing information regarding court appeals will be electronically transacted.
  • Video conferencing and recording facility will be enabled for the purpose of witness hearing.
  • Through the Wide Area Network system (WAN), all courts will be connected to the NJDC (National Judicial Data Grid).
  • E- filing, E-payment, and mobile application facilities will be enabled.

Implementation of E-Court Services Portal

With a disbursement of 1670 crores, this system will be implemented by the Government Of India.

Services of E-Court Services Portal

  • By using the details such as the CNR Number/ Name of the advocate or the party, the information regarding the past occurrence of events based on this case and the current situation of a case can be understood.
  • Using the same details as mentioned above, the decisions and the resulting commands by the authorized person of the court can be understood.

For the above services, follow the steps given below: – 

  • For SMS services, send your CNR number to 97668899899 in the prescribed format as given below:- 

             Ecourts<space> <CNR number>.

E-Court Services- Advantages

The government is taking active steps to establish ecourtservices all over India. This government effort will result in providing quick and cost-effective solutions to the litigants. The following are the advantages of having a judicial system governed through an e-court facility:

  • The e-courts service will benefit the judicial system to provide flexible retrieval of stored information helps the judges to view the proceedings of a previous case or retrieve other essential documents at the click of a button.
  • The judiciary, with the help of e-courts service, can overcome the challenges and make the service delivery mechanism transparent and cost-efficient.
  • With the help of video conferencing, the accused and the witnesses can participate in the proceedings from various locations other than the courtroom. To a certain extent, this will reduce the time required to solve the case and be cost-effective.
  • Data sharing between different courts and various departments will also be made accessible as everything would be available online under the integrated system.
  • Litigants and lawyers can search the current status and the history of a Case using the CNR number of the Case / Party name/ Case Registration Number/ Advocate name etc. And can view court orders using case number / Order date/ Court number / Party name/ Advocate name along with Cause list of a court.

E-Court Services- Explanation

e-filling services

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