The Dairy Enterprise Development Scheme (DEDS) is a scheme of Department of Livestock, Dairy and Fisheries. It is implemented by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). This is to create self-employment opportunities in the dairy sector. It also aim in covering activities such as increasing milk production, harvesting, canning, transporting, processing and marketing milk through the provision of capital subsidies for projects eligible for funding.

Objective of the Scheme

  • To promote setting up of modern dairy farms for production of clean milk
  • To encourage heifer calf rearing, thereby conserving good breeding stock
  • To bring structural changes in the unorganised sector so that initial processing of milk can be taken up at the village level itself
  • To upgrade the quality and traditional technology to handle milk on a commercial scale
  • To generate self-employment and provide infrastructure mainly for unorganised sector

Eligible Beneficiaries

  • Farmers, individual entrepreneurs, NGOs, companies, groups of organised and unorganized sectors, etc.
  • Groups of organised sector include Self-help Groups (SHGs), dairy cooperative societies, milk unions, milk federations, etc.
  • An individual will be eligible to avail assistance for all the components under the scheme but only once for each component
  • More than one member of a family can be assisted under the scheme provided they set up separate units with separate infrastructure at different locations.

How to apply

The entrepreneurs shall apply to their banks. The bank shall appraise the project as per their norms. If found eligible the loan amount is then disbursed in suitable installments depending on the progress of the unit.

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