Instructions to Check Aadhaar Card Status

Aadhar Card is perhaps the main Character evidence for the Indian Resident. Also, it is the Required ID Confirmation of the Resident. On the off chance that anybody doesn’t have Aadhaar Card, they should apply at the closest Aadhar Focuses. The Aadhar Card UIDAI Official site is Individuals can utilize this connection and Check Aadhar Card status just as Aadhaar/Bank connecting Status. 

The Indian Executive Narendra Modi Garu dispatched the Aadhar Card Plan in 2014 to distinguish individuals from India. In the wake of dispatching this plan, the vast majority of the Indian public began to interface their Total profile subtleties to Aadhar Card. Also, the Focal government has stringently referenced that individuals should connect their Ledger, Dish Card and so forth to the Aadhar Card. 

In this article, we have Given subtleties, for example, How to Check Aadhar Card Status, how to check Aadhaar/Bank connecting Status, and the rundown of Administrations offered by the UIDAI site. So, Individuals who need to refresh their location, portable number, change their name and so on should go through the beneath given advances and update information into their Aadhaar Card. 


UIDAI is ordered to effectively obvious 12-digit arbitrary number as Interesting Personality – Aadhaar to all Occupants of India. Update Aadhaar at Enrolment/Update Center· Check Aadhaar Update Status. Update Socioeconomics Information Online Check Online Socioeconomics Update Status Aadhaar On paper.

Check your Aadhaar Card Status On the web 

You should know about the significance of the Aadhaar card. On the off chance that you have applied for an Aadhaar card, you can check the Aadhaar card status web-based utilizing techniques given beneath. There is a different technique through which you can check the situation with the Aadhaar card on the web. 

Video instructional exercise on the best way to know your Aadhaar status on the web 

Check if your Aadhaar is created or refreshed (on the off chance you have refreshed at an Enrolment/Update focus) following beneath basic advances. 

You will require EID (Enrolment ID) to check your Aadhaar Status. The EID is shown on the highest point of your enrolment/update affirmation slip and contains 14 digit enrolment number (1234/12345/12345) and the 14 digit date and time (dd/mm/yy hh:mm: ss) of enrolment. These 28 digits together design your Enrolment ID (EID).

On the off chance that if you lost EID, you can recover lost or failed to remember EID by your enrolled portable number. 

To enter the EID, click here ( You need to enter EID and Date and time as referenced in the affirmation slip. 

Snap on “Check Status” catch to know the status. 

Know your Aadhaar Card status utilizing versatile 

By utilizing beneath basic advances

With enlisted portable number 

  • Go to make new SMS. Type UID STATUS 12341048002615 (14 UID Number gave in Affirmation card) 
  • Send SMS to 51969 
  • The answer from UIDAI will give your present status and Aadhaar number if it is produced.
aadhar card status sms type
Aadhaar card status sms send

Without enrolled portable number or in the event that you change your versatile number 

  • Visit closest Aadhaar Kendra to refresh your portable number/or register a new versatile number. 
  • You can likewise know the status if you have not enrolled your versatile number; send SMS as clarified in the above strategy. You will get the situation with your Aadhaar enlistment. Aadhaar number (whenever produced) won’t be conveyed to an unregistered portable number.

Recover your Lost EID/UID 

If you have lost EID or Aadhaar, beneath is the interaction to recover something similar.

Fundamental necessity 

  • Your enlisted Versatile Number/Email you had given at the hour of enrolment is compulsory to recover your lost UID/EID. 

You can likewise Confirm the Email/Portable number to know whether it is enlisted or not. To check, click here ( email-versatile). 

You are needed to visit a Lasting Enrolment Place to get it enrolled on the off chance that you have not enlisted your Versatile number while selecting Aadhaar. If you have changed your portable number or wish to change the enlisted Email, you must get it refreshed in your Aadhaar straightaway. No archives needed to be submitted for Versatile and Email update.



  1. Visit the connection 
  2. Choose whether you need to recover EID/Aadhaar. 
  3. If you might want to recover Aadhaar/EID, you need to refer to the Name, enlisted Portable number or email id followed by the Manual human test code passage. Enter “Send OTP”. 
  4. If your versatile number is enlisted, you will get the OTP on your enrolled portable number. Enter OTP to recover your Aadhaar/EID number. 


The rundown of My Aadhaar Administrations: 

Get Aadhar: 

  • Locate an Enlistment Place 
  • Book an Arrangement 
  • Check Aadhar Card Status 
  • Download Aadhar Card (e-Aadhaar Card) 
  • Retrieve Lost or Failed to remember EID/UID 
  • Order Aadhaar Reproduce 
  • Check Aadhaar Reproduce Status 

Update your Aadhaar:

  • Update Aadhaar at Enrolment/Update focus 
  • Check Aadhar Update Status
  • Update your Location On the web 
  • Request for Address Approval Letter 
  • Check Online Location Update Status 
  • Aadhaar Update History

Aadhaar Administrations:

  • Verify an Aadhaar Number 
  • Verify Email/Versatile Number 
  • Virtual ID (VID) Generator 
  • Retrieve Lost or Failed to remember EID/UID 
  • Aadhaar Paperless Disconnected e-KYC (Beta) 
  • Check Aadhaar/Bank Connecting Status 
  • Lock/Open Biometrics 
  • Aadhaar Validation History 
  • Aadhaar Bolt and Open Help 
  • Aadhaar Administrations on SMS 

Check your Aadhar Card Status with Bank

Through this help, on entering your Aadhaar number, you can know the accompanying. 

  • If your Aadhaar relates to a ledger 
  • If connected, the name of the bank 

To get to the assistance, click here (

Check your portable number/Email in Aadhaar

To check your email address and versatile number that has been proclaimed at the hour of enrolment or during the most recent Aadhaar detail update, click here ( email-portable). You need to enter your Aadhaar number, Email/Versatile number. If your versatile number/email id is connected to your Aadhaar, an OTP is shipped off something very similar. 

Note: Enlisted Portable Number is fundamental for benefit Aadhaar Online administrations. On the off chance that your portable number isn’t enrolled with your Aadhaar, visit the closest Lasting Enrolment Place.

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